The Secret of the Ages

The Secret Of The Ages - A Collection Of The Original 7 Volumes - Robert Collier - First published in 1926 - IF you had more money than time, more millions than you knew how to spend, what would be your pet philanthropy?

People are for the first time beginning to get an understanding of that "Life Principle" which–somehow, some way– was brought to this earth thousands or millions of years ago. They are beginning to get an inkling of the innite power it puts in their hands–to glimpse the untold possibilities it opens up.- This is the greatest discovery of modern times – that every man can call upon this "Life Principle" at will, that it is as much the servant of his mind as was ever Aladdin’s fabled "Genie-of-the-lamp" of old; that he has but to understand it and work in harmony with it to get from it anything he may need–health or happiness, riches or success. To realize the truth of this, you have but to go back for a moment to the beginning of things.


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