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I’ve collected some amazing books about manifesting, co-creating a wealthy and abundant life, and being happier while doing it. These books massively affected my life. I believe in their power so much that I’ve bought the rights to them, so you can have them for free.

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It has been quoted over and over that money does not by happiness, and this may well be true. But it is one of the best tools available to buy presents for your children, provide a comfortable home for your family, or allow you to travel the world and surround yourself with beautiful things.

Money may not buy happiness, but the absence of enough money makes life challenging, problematic and usually painful.

Poverty is a disease of the mind.  

The information contained in the books below are a cure for this disease. Please accept these gifts from U.S. with love. Join the evolution.

Sales & Advertising

Opportunity is everywhere, especially in sales and advertising.   These fields have traditionally been associated with competitive thought.  

Can any product be advertised in such a way that the subject would be convinced into thinking that they wanted it? Can you push an unwanted product onto a customer by salesmanship?

The books below show that you can create opportunity using universal principles within these fields which do not require you to be compromised and the rewards are unlimited. 

Personal Improvement

You live in a thought world. All you have are the thoughts that you hold. The thought of your situation, your home, or the thought of your wife.  Your thoughts drive your behaviour and together as a composite they are responsible for your current life status.

If you always do what you have always done, then nothing will change.

The books below show how to improve yourself and therefore your situation.


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